Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Crying Wolf again...

Today's Internet Headlines appeared one above the other:

Reuters - Bush Talks of Crisis to Sell U.S. Retirement Plan -- President George W. Bush spoke to students and teachers in the school gymnasium at J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church,Virginia, today. Bush launched his plan to revamp Social Security with a push to convince the public and Congress that it faces a crisis,even though supporters of the government-run retirement program say he is exaggerating its financial problems. (LarryDowning/Reuters)

AP - White House: Iraq Weapons Search has Ended. -- The White House acknowledged Wednesday that its hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction — a two-yearsearch costing millions of dollars — has closed down without finding the stockpiles that President Bush cited as a justification foroverthrowing Saddam Hussein. Bush's spokesman said the president had no regrets about invading Iraq Bush said to Barbara Walters in an interview to be broadcast Friday night:"I felt like we'd find weapons of mass destruction — like many here in the United States, many around the world, .... We need to findout what went wrong in the intelligence gathering."

My friend Mark asked me if it reminded me of a little story? You know, Aesop's Fable? The one parents have been telling kids since, oh, about 500years before Christ was born? Stories to make children learn, you know, right from wrong?

Sure reminded me. How about you? Surely you recall -- it's the one that starts like this: "There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a greatbreath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!" The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found nowolf. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces."

You remember how it ends. Today's news make Mark and me think of this story? How about you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One important difference is that the villagers had the capacity to remember the previous times that the boy cried wolf. Does America?

9:42 AM  
Blogger WebGuy said...

Short-term and long-term memory loss is KILLING our country...

5:02 PM  

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