Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An Encinal Yacht Club Fourth ...

Pen and I are having quite a time in California.  What I'd hoped would be lots of sightseeing has given way to my packing up my townhouse belongings (selling off things, donating items to a museum, and putting the rest in storage), so that my daughter Lisa and her husband Matthew can move in.  They will be living here for at least three years, which is a relief for me.

But, Pen and I did manage a wonderful escape from this work over the 4th of July, an escape on Dog Days to my Encinal Yacht Club's holiday "cruise-in."  As you can see, there were a lot of boats rafted up at the club's docks.  

 We got there a bit late on Friday afternoon after sailing a bit in the Alameda Estuary, and were rafted up four boats out from the docks, but it was an adventure climbing across three boats to get on and off the docks several times a day.  

What fun it was to see all our friends ... old ones for me and new ones for Pen.  We were treated as conquering heroes coming back from our cruising the Bahamas, and it was great fun to share our adventures with everyone.

On Friday night, Carol and Rob Woltring brought Carol's wonderful electric piano over to the club house and Tony Oliver joined me to play some music.  The next day was filled with games and activities for big and little people, the club pool was full of kids all day, and we joined in a great barbecue put on by Tom and Jan Sheehan with chef Keith Rarick at the grill.  After the eating, Tony and I played again, this time joined by Steve and Dave, and I think it was one of the best times playing I've had in years.  ... And, of course, when the sun set, we all watched the fireworks at Jack London Square.

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