Saturday, January 30, 2010

Delays, delays, delays ...

We were going to leave Daytona Beach on Wednesday the 27th, but I had to have a crown put on a broken tooth, which would not be ready until as late as the 29th.  Since we had this delay, I decided to have spinnaker, an old symmetrical one that came off Spindrift, re-cut a little to use as a cruising chute on Alizee.  Our sail maker friend, Rob Mundell at True North Sails, agreed it would work just fine as a light air chute, so through him I ordered an ATN sock and tacker, which were to have arrived on the 28th.  By this time we'd agreed that we would leave Daytona on Sunday or Monday at the latest, depending on how rainy and/or cold either day was.

On the 29th, Rob was to come over and help us set up the spinnaker and prime Pen for handling the foredeck duties when we deploy and douse the chute.  Then Rob called around 10:00 and told us the ATN order had not arrived.  It seemed lost in FedEx land, but he should have it late that afternoon and he'd get over with it then or before the weekend was gone.  If it isn't one thing, it's another!

Now, Saturday morning, I just spoke with Rob and he very dejectedly told me that the ATN order had arrived late yesterday, but the sock was 10 feet too long.  He'd already gotten things underway to get a new order sent up, but it wouldn't arrive until Tuesday.  What would we want to do?

We go off "live-aboard" status on Monday, but I suppose we'll be within the rules of the marina if we stay for a couple of more days.  We hate to wait too long, but the forecast is for rain showers on Monday and Tuesday, and it will clear up a bit as the week goes on.  So, it looks as though we may not get out until the 3rd.  I, for one, will be very glad to get going! 


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