Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back in the water again...

Alizee went into Sailor's Wharf on 14 March, where she was hauled for a bottom job, water line repairs, and some other work I wanted done in preparation for our trip to the Dry Tortugas the last two weeks of April.  Unfortunately, the hunt for "the last rat on board" kept her in the yard at least a week longer than we'd hoped, so I didn't get to pick her up until 19 April (yesterday).

The bulk of the work (Maintenance Log) was completed, but unfortunately not installation of the electric conversion kits on the two primary winches.  The conversion kits wouldn't arrive from Lewmar until early May, so I'll be taking Alizee back into the yard for installation when we get back from our little cruise in about three weeks.  This probably is just as well, because we are on a watch for any signs that "the last rat on board" somehow managed to survive the regime of traps and poisons of the past three weeks.

So far, so good.  I can smell pretty distinct signs of decomposition in the bilge, when the floor hatches are lifted up, and that may be the critter.  The odor does not come up into the cabin, which is very nice.  And, he bilge pump - true sign the bugger is chewing water lines - has not gone off but once, which occurred only right after I pumped out water from the refrigerator drain.  Perhaps that drain line was chewed and not noticed by the yard.  Today and tomorrow I'm cleaning the interior of the boat thoroughly and will be checking everywhere for signs of the little bugger.

Lot's of work to do to get Alizee ready for our cruise and the Tuesday arrival of first mate Penelope and second mate Patricia.  Better get to work!