Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hot summer, little sailing, lots of music ...

Alizee has been in safe harbor for the summer in St. Petersburg.  We've spent a couple of nights aboard her as a way station from our home in Punta Gorda and the Tampa airport, which makes leaving and arriving on trips much easier.  But, while others may not agree, we find it simply too hot to do much sailing.  So the summer is a time for other pursuits ... primarily being retired!  But also MUSIC!!!

My All That Jazz Quartet has had a great summer gig, every Wednesday evening through September 24th, 6:00-9:00 p.m., at Cassariano's Italian Eatery in Venice, about 50 minutes north of Punta Gorda.

In October we switch to every other Sunday, beginning October 5th and lasting (we hope) through March 22nd.

We've also picked up some other gigs at Howard's Restaurant in Englewood (November 11th and 26th and December 16th) as well as ten other dates at the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club.  We're looking forward to a busy season and lots of music!  Drop by one of our gigs, if you're in town.