Wednesday, January 05, 2022

 After almost two years in her slip, getting out a couple of times for overnight and once for a survey, we said goodbye to Alizee.  We put her on the market just a little while before the outbreak of COVID 19, and she languished there.  Finally, after getting a couple of really lowball offers, I decided to donate her to a charity and get the tax benefit, which was well above the offers. Penelope and I spent a couple of days clearing off 12 years of things from the boat, cleaning her the last time, and shedding a few tears of farewell. 

Charities that take boats and cars, of course, turn them around quickly and with really low prices. Alizee was sold to Adam Schantz, a Navy guy in Jacksonville, Florida, within a couple of weeks. A nice fellow, he trucked Alizee up to Jacksonville and put her in a yard for some six months for refurbishing. Once he got her back in the water, he changed her name to Orion, an unfortunate choice compared to Alizee in our view. 

I think his plan was to cruise, but he got transferred to Colorado, so he put her on the market again, becoming one of the few boaters I know who made a profit on the resale.

At any rate, the new owner Steve Sears got my number from Adam. I spoke to him today, and he said he'd read this blog and the accompanying maintenance log. So after he's done replumbing the head, he and his wife will keep the dream alive and I know Alizee a.k.a. Orion will be as good to them as she was to us.


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