Monday, January 17, 2005

Good day for sailing...

Took Spindrift on a shakedown cruise today, after six months of projects. Winds from 8-16 knots. Motored out the estuary, set sails with a two turn reef in the jib, and drove a starboard tack across the south bay to San Francisco’s Portrero District shoreline, a bit south of Pacbell Park (can't bear to call it SBC Park). She’s always tracked solidly on a port tack as opposed to starboard, and this was no different. This is not really a complaint. The failure of the wind directional instrument is a complaint. It's acted up ever since our sail broker Sylvain pushed in the instrument lense with his knee last Spring, and today it never broke free to register direction; probably corroded (oh no! more projects). Also, the knot meter didn’t register, which is probably just a clog in the thruhull paddlewheel; something to clear later. Otherwise, all systems performed. Nice to be on the water with her again.


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