Thursday, June 16, 2005

I can't stand it...

Dems should be outraged...

In “Not your father’s anti-war movement,”, Arianna Huffington asks: “Where are Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Howard Dean on a moral issue of this magnitude, on which the majority of Americans oppose the administration?” Two-thirds of American’s have turned against Bush’s war, but the Democrats remain largely silent. Hmmmm.

Demagoguery at its worst...

Arnold Schwarzengger can’t win on substance, so he goes after people’s worst fears: taxes and undermining Prop 13. This is the sort of demagoguery that leads to tyranny. Californians beware. Your future is being planned by a self-interested minority of large business interests masquerading as Goodness in a battle with Evil. And Arnold is their champion, not the people’s champion.

Screwed by the minority again...

No matter how much you hear the Democrats blamed for the failure to pass a state budget by the constitutional deadline for the 19th year in a row, the failure truly rests with the Governor and the legislature's Republican minority. Schwarzengger’s confrontational style has bolstered the unwillingness of the Republicans to negotiate and compromise on anything, so real governing is made impossible. Californians really should wake up and realize that they are tyrannized by a minority in Sacramento.


Blogger Sheila said...

Democrates have found their smoking gun: Downing Street Memo petitions delivered to White House

Yesterday, I tuned into the local radio station, KPFA to witness the four hours of hearings about the Downing Street Memos on Capitol Hill...and I became hopeful, and elated! I began loudly chanting "Impeach Bush!" What I find amazing is that the US put forth an impeachment hearing based on a man's sexuality, and replaced a governer based on energy fraud that he was not responsible for but yet we may not be able to impeach a president who faked intelligence reports to justivy an illegal war in IRAQ, who led the US to go against UN policies for this war and above was all lies! How much more proof do these Yale & Harvard graduates need?

Congressman John Conyers and other Democratic House members deliver more than 560,000 petitions to The White House.

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