Sunday, November 27, 2005

While we were eating dinner...

George decided that bringing home the troops might be a good idea, and so announced the Pentagon: they're working on it and hope to have a time-line soon - oy vey, did I hear that right?

Michael Brown, failed head of FEMA, is starting a disaster preparedness consulting firm. The L.A. Times put it right in calling his firm a "disaster planning firm." I'm sure only people planning to create a disaster will want to hire him.

California's entire Republican congressional delegation voted, lock-step, for cutting health, food stamp, child-support collection programs. On the other side of the compassion coin, at least FEMA delayed for a little while the casting out from their temporary housing the homeless victims of Katrina.

Isn't it interesting what sorts of things can happen when we're conveniently occupied with a long holiday weekend?


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