Friday, March 03, 2006

Friends making the news...

I've been working on the program for this summer’s symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology, and my friend Sue Horning, who will be giving a paper there on the history of women in sound engineering, just sent me a link to an article in Northern Ohio Live about her revived life in rock music.

Sue's been singing in The Email Special, the international jazz group I play keyboards with, for going on eleven years. But long before that, she had a life as lead singer in a couple of Cleveland bands, such as The Poor Girls and Cinderella's Revenge.

A year ago, she and members of another one of her groups, the "arty punk" trio Chi-Pig, released a cd, Chi-Pig Miami, which they originally made in 1978. It got a "rave review in the Village Voice," and the reformed trio since has been playing gigs at special events and local clubs, and they been featured in a documentary, If You’re Not Dead, Play!!, aired on PBS.

While arty punk rock isn't really my thing, it's fun to listen and know that the friend and singer you love making music with is still getting down in the rock scene.

So look at her now! Can't wait 'til we have our gig in England this summer!


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