Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The longest day...

Today was the longest day of the year, and what a nice day for a sail. My old friend Bob Miller joined me, and we took Dog Days out along the city front, tacked 100 feet off Pier 39, and sailed circles in Aquatic Park. The National Park Service has mooring balls in Aquatic Park, but each one says for "NPS use only." Hmmmm. Maybe their building up an NPS "home security" force of small sailboats to moor there.

We exited Aquatic Park via the channel behind the breakwater that takes you by the restored scow schooner Alma and the real Fisherman's Wharf. We passed Pier 39 again, this time wing-on-wing, and then down along the city front until we reached McCovey Cove, where we lingered a bit to hear the cheers from the SF Giants game. Then we had a nice beam reach back across the bay to Alameda.

But it was hot! I mean heat-stroke hot! "Real men collapse from too much beer!" Not the headline we wanted to see, so we switched from beer to water for the lazy trip down the Estuary.


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