Thursday, September 24, 2009

Norfolk, Virginia ...

We are in the Waterside Marina, which is in downtown Norfolk.  What we thought would be a week to ten days getting here turned out to be two weeks, primarily because we couldn't make the offshore trip up to North Carolina.  But that's life on a sailboat ... one is victim to the vagaries of the winds and the currents.

Nonetheless, the trip from Port Royal, South Carolina, up the ICW to Norfolk was a fun experience.  Through the Carolinas we were about the only cruising boat on the waterway, and that is a good story in itself.  Not until we reached the Albemarle Sound did we begin to see a few cruisers coming south ... it's beginning to look like the exodus of "snowbirds" is beginning, and we're getting questions from those who hail us or see us ashore such as: "Aren't you going the wrong way?"

Well, truth be told we'll be starting back not too long after mid-October, since it's likely to take us two weeks and a day more on the way back.  But for now it's finishing off laundry and setting off to sail the Chesapeake for three weeks or more.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hiya Jim - Eric Southmayd Osprey Cal 39 Barnhill Marina enjoying your cruising vicariously damn it. Good job as usual with your photos. You give credence to my motto: Living Well is the Best Revenge. Cheers!

7:38 PM  

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