Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lake Worth ...

We are at anchor in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, with perhaps two dozen other cruising boats.  It's sunny and windy with temperatures in the 60s, and we elected to stay here for one day before moving along our way to Key Largo. 

Our trip down from the Harborage Marina in Stuart took 5.5 hours, and it was the only day we've been on the water since we left Daytona that the temperatures were in the 70s.  Now that we're getting further south, the waterside properties are becoming more and more ostentatious.  Some of the places along Jupiter Island were really pretty amazing, but they probably pale before the places along Fort Lauderdale's "miracle mile."  Frankly, we prefer lots of seabirds and other wildlife.

While in Stuart we had a good visit with friends David and Ginger Kauppi.  They treated us to a great dinner aboard their Catalina 42, Avalon, and then introduced to new friends, Jerie and John Milci, who had us over for cocktails on Valentine's Day aboard their 46+2 Diesel Duck Peking.  It's an amazing true ocean-going, steel-hulled motor vessel built in China with simply superb interior work.   For less than a million bucks, it's a steal.

We also did practical things in Stuart: laundry and a chauffeured trip to the liquor store and super market by the marina staff, which allowed us to replenish food we've been consuming for the past two weeks.  We'll probably have one more shopping stop as well as a diesel fuel stop before we jump over to Bimini in a week or so.

Our friends Neil and Ruth are planning to visit us in Georgetown, but with our delays for mechanical as well as weather reasons, we are now cutting it very, very close.  We just plotted out the best scenario, and we think we might make Georgetown (assuming no more weather delays) by the first week of March.  We certainly hope so, or Ruth and Neil are going to have to enjoy their week in the Bahamas without us.  That would be a shame.

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