Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hawaiian memories...

My sweetie went back to work today after a long vacation. It was hard to roll out of bed and dress for the day, but I know she's happy to be making a contribution to the world. I'll be joining her soon - albeit only for a few weeks and part-time at that - and, I agree, it feels good. But going back to work sharpens the memories of our summer's adventures.

Last week, we took a drop-of-the-hat trip to Kaua'i for five days, invited by friends Michael and Judy. What a treat! Swimming in warm Hawaiian waters, visiting lush tropical landscapes, eating the freshest of fish, and being warm all over all of the time. It's hard to imagine what could be a better end to a summer.

And, to top it off, just before we left, Michael and I caught a ride with Doug Gibson in his personally constructed catamaran Malihini for the first race in Nawiliwili Yacht Club's Harvest Series. Winds topped 30-knots true, and swells reached at least 10 feet.


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