Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beijing and Beijazz...

Hot, smoggy, adventurous, exciting, great fun! Spent the last ten days of July in Beijing, China, attending the 22nd International Congress for the History of Science.

Don’t think I can do justice to the whole experience. The Congress was intellectually stimulating, gave a well-received paper on “technology, nature, and the built environment,” climbed the Great Wall (well a little of it), saw all the required sites, and had an amazing Peking Duck dinner with best friends in a five-star restaurant. Beijing photos

Topping it off, the Email Special played it’s tenth gig -- ten years and ten countries, from Budapest (1996) to Pasadena (1997), Lisbon (1998), Belfort, France (1999), Prague (2000), Mexico City (2001), Granada (2002), Moscow (2003), Bochum, Germany (2004), and Beijazz in Beijing (2005). Email Special photos


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