Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bittersweet Spring...

My partner's father died last Friday, in her arms, surrounded by her family. We spent the last eight days of his life keeping watch and comforting him. It was, as Deborah said, a life affirming and bonding experience. She and I became so much closer, as did all the members of her family. And, as John's life ebbed, the northern hemisphere's Spring flowers reached full bloom and life flooded forth everywhere. What a joy it was to come home to our garden.

Meanwhile, friends who cruised to Tiburon and gathered on the docks of the Corinthian Yacht Club for a party on Saturday; they were in our minds. John's family gathered in the family home in Los Angeles, but if there were really a wake for John, I'd have wanted it on the docks. I'll bet he'd have liked it, too.


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