Monday, July 24, 2006

Along the city front...

A heat wave found us out on the bay on Spindrift watching those who were stuck on land sweltering.

New site for "political ramblings"...

Not long ago a fellow sailor emailed me and asked to be removed from my mailing list because my "political ramblings completely turned [him] off." I had sent him a link to this blog because I'd just posted a bunch of pictures about a cruise-out by our yacht club. I was pretty surprised, since I assumed one could read my political ramblings and disagree (a perfectly fine thing to do) or, if they knew my views are on the left, simply not read them at all.

Then I got a second email, this too from a fellow sailor, and one I know and respect a lot. A friend, indeed! And he similarly wrote that he didn't want "to be subject to [my] constant liberal views." (I assume he meant liberal "political" views, since all my views are pretty liberal.)

I don't know, maybe political conservatives are feeling a bit on the defensive these days. I felt that way in the late 1990s, when the word "liberal" was slandered regularly by the political right. In any case, I like my conservative friends and acquaintances and respect their political views.

And, since I really don't want to cause them distress when accessing my take on sailing experiences we or our club have shared (after all, which is more important, sailing or politics?), I've decided to open a new blog page on which, when I feel the need, I will post whatever "political ramblings" I feel inspired to post, and my conservative friends and acquaintances will be shielded from the whatever incendiary effect they may have.

The link for Political Ramblings is listed on the left of this page with links to other sites I keep up.

Fair winds and smooth sailing...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend at South Beach...

Just got back from a weekend cruise with the EYC cruisers to South Beach. We were invited to go with Mike and Ina on Nova, their Catalina 42. Went to the Giants game and saw them lose big time. A disappointment.

I don't think we'd quite recovered from our Petaluma cruise, because after the game, we succumbed to the heat. Had a hard time partying really hard.

On Sunday we had a nice sail home and got some nice photos of Destiny trying out their new cruising chute.

More photos

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cruise to Petaluma...

We spent a week on the boat over the weekend before and through July 4th. Had a great cruise to Petaluma with our Encinal YC friends. See Spindrift's log for our story.

Cruise photos.