Monday, October 23, 2006

Commodore's Cruise...

Just got back from the Encinal Yacht Club's Commodore's Cruise to San Rafael. It was the last cruise of the year as this year's Cruise Captains, and we had a great turn out: 24 boats and over 60 cruisers. We filled the docks at the San Rafael Yacht Club, and Commodore Chuck, the Commodorable, and their faithful crew cooked up a super Tex-Mex dinner!

Going up Saturday was one of the nicest days on San Francisco Bay we've ever experienced, and coming back, while not quite as clear, gave a spirited sail south across the "slot" to the Bay Bridge.

Next up, the Cruising Awards Dinner, December 1st.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Raft Pack II show...

The Encinal Yacht Club Raft Pack put on a great show this weekend. The house was packed with EYC members and friends as well as with Catalina boat sailors who were having a rendezvous at the club's docks. The regulars - Mark (drums and vocals), Jim (keyboard and vocals), Sue (vocals and drums) and Carol (vocals) - were joined by two wonderful newcomers: Grainne (vocals), Chris (bass and vocals), and Scott (sound and bass). Mark is constant master of ceremonies, who turns out to do amazing stand-up comedy routines.

This is the fourth show the club's players have put on in two years. The idea started with Jo Leavitt back in February 2005 with the Show of the Decades, and we followed it with a July 4th weekend show. Jo and Doug went off to Mexico cruising in the fall, and Carol picked up organizing the group, and in February 2006, at our annual club cruise-in, we held the first Raft Pack show, a tribute (if you can call it that) to Dean, Sammy, and Frank.

At our first Raft Pack show, we peaked at our dress rehearsal (not a good thing to do, obviously), but this time our rehearsals were ragged and we actually peaked at the show itself (just the thing you want to do). It was a great success according to those who saw it. Following the show our club director and bar manager and Carol's husband Rob joined in for a bit of a jam session.

Plans are already in the works for a February show next year (though Mark will be off in Australia, and I don't know what we'll do for a master of ceremonies).

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On the bay with friends...

Had a great weekend sailing, particularly going out with friends Batu and Mariska, who brought along Mariska's mom, Jan, and Batu's friend Karem.