Friday, January 30, 2009

Bahamas dreaming...

Unfortunately, a bad virus has laid me up for a week and the drive to North Carolina and Alizee has had to be put on hold for a few days.  Hope to leave on February 3, now, but of course that depends on if I shake this thing.  Meanwhile, I've got an AIS system and Sirius marine weather being installed and am having the shaft alignment checked out by a local yard (I hope they can identify a squealing noise that Alizee's engine started making the last day or so of our trip down the ICW last August).  And, I'm thinking about where I'll be in March.  My friends Rob Woltring and Keith Rarick are arriving in Oriental on February 28, and we'll make the crossing as soon as we can after they get there.  The sooner we can go, the sooner we'll be in warm waters and Rob will be fishing!

Other Bahama maps


Blogger MrsHudson said...

Ok you found me and I forget to post there as I have a dog related site and nothing as interesting as sailing...

be well

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