Thursday, December 04, 2008

Winging my way to Florida...

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Florida to be with my love Penelope.  Sailing is in the future ... the near future ... but for now my thoughts are elsewhere.  So, you sailing afficianados out there, be patient, this blog will turn back to sailing soon.

My friend Karl Lichty called me the other day from the salon of Alizee to say that there was no mold, the dehumidfiers were emptied and restocked with pellets, the dehumidifier fan was working, the batteries were charged perfectly, and he'd hung a zinc fish off the transom for me as a little extra precaution against electrolysis.  It's a relief to have a buddy to look in on Alizee, and perhaps by mid-January or a bit later, I'll be up there to get her ready to cross to the Bahamas. 

Meanwhile, everyone have a wonderful holiday season.  Penelope and I certainly will, both in Florida and California.


Blogger Jerry Rouillard said...


You are doing a wonderfull job of living life to the fullest. Best to both you and Penelope... Keep in touch..


8:58 PM  

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