Monday, March 06, 2006

True loves...

A little over four years ago, Deborah and I went on a New Zealand bicycling trip over the Christmas holidays. Before we left, we mentioned our trip to our sailing friend Batu, and he told us he was going to be backpacking around New Zealand at the same time, so we agreed to hook up somewhere along the way.

Well, it came to pass, and Deb particularly made sure that Batu met one of our bicycle tour leaders, Mariska. It was true love! After the trip was over, Batu and Mariska burned up the international phone lines, soon Mariska was visiting the Bay Area from New Zealand, and, today, four years later, they are together here and loving life enormously.

We had dinner with them last night, a celebration of their four year romance and life together, a chance to meld our lives together again. Happy anniversary guys!


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