Friday, February 23, 2007

SFGate bloggers meet...

About six months ago, SFGate, the on-line arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, invited about twenty bay area bloggers to launch its community blog project. I was among them and, under the screen name Spindrift, started a blog entitled "Messing about on boats...," which I hope readers here will find worthwhile.

Last night many of us met, most for the first time, over tapas and beer at The Thirsty Bear next to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We quickly discovered that we all love the bay area, and we're looking forward to adding to its richness through our blogs.

(l-r) Peter Negulescu, Vice President, Digital Media, SFGate; Dotty "Greendogdemo" LeMieux, "Boomer Bites"; Suzanne Gold, "Practical Spirituality"; Kathy Delany, "Goody Bag"

(l-r) Jon Winston, "Bike Escape on the Gate"; Clinton Fein, "Pointing Fingers"; Jean Taggert, "My View from the Hill"; Tom Carter, "Tenderloin Beat"

(l-r) Peter Negulescu; Keith Thompson, "Sane Nation"; Trace Cohen, Community Blogs Coordinator, SFGate; Kathy Delaney; Jon Winston

Not pictured is lilybee, who writes "From the Lilypad," and Deborah Gordon of "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

Of course, not all the bloggers made it, and who could blame them - it was a rainy, cold evening. Absent were Nick "lordofballs" Graham, who writes "3 dots and a dash;" Ryan Kellet of "Class Act"; steveod of "Edublog," Stu "studancer" Smith, who writes "Baghdad by the Bay Burger Bible"; horns2k of "From Rags to Richmond"; the authors of "His words vs. Her words"; lyricalwords of "Holla at a Scholar!"; Kenneth Manning of "Mash Apropos"; Paul Barwick of "Paul's rants"; and the author of "Tech Expert."

See all of SFGate's Community Blogs.


Blogger Peter said...

Very white crowd.

12:02 AM  
Blogger james and penelope said...

True enough, though color is represented among those not at the Thirsty Bear. Still, could be a lot more diverse.

7:09 AM  

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