Monday, November 06, 2006

Refitting Spindrift...

Last week we began a refitting project on Spindrift, taking her over to Svendsen's Boat Works to have the mast unstepped for new standing rigging, radar, and more. You can follow the process via Spindrift's maintenance log.

For regular readers, please know that I've altered the sailing blogs just a bit. In addition to the new maintenance log for Spindrift, there is Spindrift's general log, and a new cruising log that has our Caribbean cruising logs.

The links to these and other sites are along the left hand side of the page, as always.


Blogger Zen said...

Poor DogDays, Spindrift gets all the press time :-)

12:54 PM  
Blogger james and penelope said...

Zen, it's true, but it's because Dog Days makes so few demands on me, whereas Spindrift is truly tempermental...sshhh, don't let her know I said that.

1:32 PM  

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