Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weekend sailing...

Took Dog Days out on the bay Saturday with the intention of watching the Blue Angels fly for fleet week. Halfway out the estuary I noticed the stuffing box was overheating badly, so I shut down the engine and put up the mainsail. I turned back down the estuary with the intention of going to my slip, but then I saw my friend John Tuma sailing the twenty-two-foot yawl that he built over the past few months. If he was sailing, why wasn't I? I hoisted the jib and sailed on out the estuary.

I caught John at the end of the estuary and took a few photos of him. He was having a great time and sure looked good out there. His yawl did very well for itself.

After passing John, I tacked up toward the north bay still intending to catch the Blue Angels, but as I neared the bay bridge I could see the wind was really picking up to the north and the water was really choppy because of the hundreds of boats on the bay doing just what I intended. I decided that without the engine to rely on and with full sails up, I'd be better off bagging it and enjoying a nice sail back to port. It was a good choice.

And, the next day I got to go out on Anneke and Dave's big gorgeous power boat Freedom and see the Angels fly. Moreover, I was able to bring along Sarah and Andy, for whom seeing the Angels on the water was a first.

More photos


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