Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oriental at last...

We left Florida on Tuesday and stopped for the night in Georgetown, South Carolina.  It is a great little harbor town, and we had a great dinner at the River Room in the historic center of town overlooking the harbor.
When we drove north the next morning we were pretty stunned to be driving into a snow storm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home to surfing and summer fun.  The snow finally disappeared when we drove through Wilmington, North Carolina, but Karl Lichty told me on the phone that it was snowing in New Bern.  Thankfully, when we reached Oriental in the afternoon, the snow had melted away, but there was snow on the ground that morning as this photo plainly shows.
The last couple of days have been filled with hunting down items on my boat supply list (dinghy anchor, rode, shackles, security chain, tethers, jack lines, oil changing pump, another PDF, new BBQ, locks, varnishing materials, ditch bag, etc), as well as getting groceries for my stay here in Oriental for the next three weeks plus starting provisioning for the Bahamas trip (a lot more of that to do).  Penelope has been a big help in making suggestions and getting storage ideas sorted out on Alizee.  Alas, she had to return to Florida today, so I'm on my own until Rob and Keith get here on the 28th.  


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