Monday, March 23, 2009

Life on Guana Cay...

We are anchored safely in Fisher's Bay at Guana Cay and have spent a couple of days exploring the community around the bay and harbour.  Orchid Bay Marina is pretty upscale, a nice hotel with pool that looks out on the Sea of Abaco.  A good spot for visitors who don't want to stay on a boat.  We walked over to Dive Guana, on Fisher's Bay, but because of the winds they had closed up on Sunday, so we drifted back to Grabber's, also on Fisher's Bay and spent the afternoon listening to Brown Tip and his boys making Bahamian music.  David, our Indianapolis friend, joined us there for a while, and we finally returned to the boat around 1630.

While we were sitting in the cockpit watching the sun and the water and while I played my keyboard, Penelope watched a boat come in, anchor, and saw the couple leave in their dinghy.  Soon she noticed the boat seemed to be further away, and we realized in about thirty minutes that it was dragging out into the sea.  I radioed Grabber's and asked them to make an announcement, and Troy at Dive Guano heard me and called back that he'd come out and pick me up if I'd be willing to help him rescue the boat.  I agreed and soon we were speeding out on his skiff.  Fortunately, the people had left the key in the ignition, so Troy tied the skiff off to the Moorings 35.2 Armonel, I took the helm, and he pulled in their anchor.  We brought her in and put her on a mooring just near Alizee.  

P. and I kept and eye out for the couple's return in their dinghy, and we finally saw them looking all over for their boat.  We managed to wave them down in the twilight, told them what happened, directed them to their boat, and invited them back to Alizee for a nightcap.  Chris Fabian, a Hungarian immigrant to the U.S. from Seattle, and Peggy Kingston, brought us a bottle of scotch and had a hard time grasping that their anchor had dragged.  They did everything right and had 7:1 scope with all chain, but they just never dug in.

This morning, Troy of Dive Guana thanked Alizee on the cruiser's net for helping him bring in Armonel and declared we were honorary members of the Guana Cay search and rescue team.  His co-worker Albert came by a bit later in the skiff to thank us personally, and I gave him the bottle of scotch to give Troy.  All a good thing.


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