Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dog Days in Cruising World ...

Selling Dog Days was very hard for me.  I loved that boat.  When Rochelle Dicker of Sausalito finally purchased her several months ago, I think I felt just the way Wally Bryant felt when he sold her to me a decade ago.  I wanted to stand on the dock and weep.  But Wally is happily sailing his C&C Landfall 38 Stella Blue on the west coast of Mexico, and I'm happily sailing my Cabo Rico 36 Alizee on the gulf coast of Florida.

Nevertheless, Dog Days has stayed in my heart and I was determined to celebrate her in some way in honor of her transition to yet another owner.  And here it is, my review of this "proper little yacht," just published in Cruising World (December 2011).  You can also read the article will be on the CW web site's  "classic plastic" page.


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I just received my copy and enjoy3ed your article.


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