Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back home again...

Alizee finally has returned to her slip.  We took her into Sailors Wharf boatyard on 15 December and anticipated they’d finish up the work we asked for by 15 January.  The yard manager said she’d be ready finally on the 27th, then pushed it to the 30th.  When I went over the invoice, I discovered two tasks had been completely missed, so I called and got a promise to complete them by 3 February.  Of course, anyone familiar with boatyards knows that a day is a week and a week is a month, so the sliding finish schedule was frustrating but hardly unexpected.  My friend Jeff Grant picked her up for me on 9 February.  Thank heavens, for we have a cruise planned for ten days starting on the 14th.

So what’s the result?  Well, you can look at our maintenance log for the details, but the outcome for Alizee is a repaired boom, maintenance on the mainsail, fully serviced winches, full rig inspection and some new running rigging, repairs to the starboard rail, a repaired running light cage on the bow pulpit, new macerator and exit hose, new head vent hose, new fresh water pump, new cockpit shower head, repaired inverter, resealed mast partner, new forward engine mounts, new propane solenoid switch and galley illumination panel, resealed starboard light, new wind generator bearings and touched up hull paint.  No luck finding the leakage on the starboard side that was evidenced by salt water seeping onto the salon sole and into one of the lockers beneath the settee, but at least it does not seem to be coming from a chainplate.

I drove over Thursday afternoon, re-stowed the stuff I’d removed from lockers so the yard could have easy access to the tasks I’d asked them to perform and did a couple of other small maintenance tasks.  Just spent a night and then returned to home Friday.  Penelope and I have to get our provisioning done for next week’s cruise.


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