Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Camping instead of sailing...

I whined a lot during the last couple of weeks, because instead of sailing to Half Moon Bay with our cruising group, we went on our annual camping trip with Deb's old college buddies. This is a really important gathering for Deb, and despite the fact that I whine a lot (so does our friend Hilary, and she and I always bond over that), I've come to really enjoy going because of our wonderful friends.

This year, however, seemed particularly tough, because we went to Hensley Lake, just in the Sierra foothills outside Madera. If you like cattle country and stifling heat (103 on Friday and close to that on Saturday) and you like water skiing, then you'd probably love it. I like the high Sierra atmosphere of pines, running streams, mountain lakes, and cooler weather. Deborah, on the other hand, loved the hot days and warm nights, and the night was dark enough for star gazing and the lake warm enough for comfortable swimming.

Nevertheless, we spent a large portion of the weekend figuring out where we'd been over the previous 20 years and where we'd go next year. It looks like we'll be at a Sierra lake west of Tahoe, which I will like much more. I must remember not to whine so much, or the Princess will not be kind to me.

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Blogger Zen said...

I remember those camping days. Sitting around the fire at night, roasting during the day, smacking bugs, etc...
No chairs back in the day, all we had was dirt, logs, and rocks. Of course after a few shots of tequila it did not matter...Ah those were the days...

but sailing is better ;-)

4:59 PM  

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