Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Corinthian Cruise...

Deb and I led our yacht club's Corinthian cruise this year, and by all accounts it was a great success. She join me to sail over on Friday on Dog Days (Spindrift is still in the yard, but that's another story), settled in on the guest dock, and then went up to the Corinthian clubhouse for a drink.

Friday nights they have a club race, as do so many other yacht clubs on the bay, so things were hopping. We met a fun couple -Val and Greg - at the bar, visited their boat down on the docks, brought them over to Dog Days, and then later bumped into them at Servino's Italian restaurant in Tiburon and ended up having dinner and dancing and listening to a great blues band.

Saturday morning we arose with phone calls from a couple of our cruisers, and I got up to prepare to help dock all the cruisers arriving that day. Katherine Hagerman came by the boat and we joined her for breakfast on the deck at Sam's Anchor Cafe - a beautiful morning and the crowds were not yet there. Just as I finished some great Huevos Rancheros, Penny McClaugh on Out 'n About called on the radio and reported her eminent arrival, so I rushed down to the guest dock to help her in.

Hans, the Corinthian dock master, was an incredible help all day long. He appeared from out of nowhere it seemed whenever a boat came in (actually, he was monitoring our cruisers' calls to me on the radio), and he got in our fourteen boats without a problem. We even had space left over.
It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day on the bay Saturday. Not much wind, which was a frustration to the sailors among us, but the air was crystal clear and the view from the Corinthian decks across the bay to San Francisco was spectacular. By 16:00 all the boats were in and we began cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the guest dock.

By 18:00 we were adjourning to the Corinthian bar in preparation for dinner, which was stunning. Following dinner, Tony Oliver (guitar) joined me in the bar where we played some music, joined in by Penny's friend Steve. We kept the place open until midnight, although some of our cruisers wandered off to shut down Sam's.

Sunday's fizz party was a success, as always, and gradually cruisers began to shove off for the sail home to Alameda.

Deb and I joined Tony & Mary to wander about Tiburon and down to the San Francisco Yacht Club where some of our cruisers were having lunch. Ultimately, we were the last to leave at about 14:00, and although our sail home was not as brisk as the one over on Friday - the doldrums of Saturday were just lifting - it was a fun trip and a really fun weekend.

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Blogger Zen said...

AH yes, perfect! Sailing and Jamming!
I have been getting a lot of that in myself lately. Although not at the same place like you. It is still great.
The good life!

Fair Winds Prof.

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