Thursday, May 29, 2008


Alizée, the name of my new Cabo Rico 36, is the feminine form of alizé, the most well known of the trade winds, which is a steady, mild northeasterly wind that blows across central Africa and the Caribbean. It is known to bring cool temperatures between November and February.

The name trade winds derives from the Middle English "trade," meaning "path" or "track." To say "the wind blows trade" meant to stay on track, which is what these reliable, beneficial winds have helped sailors do since the dawn of navigation.

Alizée combined with rico, which means "sweet," suits a this lovely little cruising boat, and I'm sure she'll keep me on track over the next few years.


Blogger Vital1 said...

Your Caribbean sailing adventures are quite interesting. We have sailed often in the BVI but are looking toward St. Maarten this time. We would love to be able to correspond with you but are unsure of how to do this. Please respond, if interested.

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Blogger james and penelope said...

Email to

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