Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back home and busy...

I've been home from the Caribbean for a month now. The trip was magnificent - truly one of the loveliest adventures I've ever been on - and if you're inclined you can read all about it on my charter-cruising log.

Meanwhile, the month home has been jam packed with activity. First, I'm in contract on a townhouse in Mountain View, which closes in mid-May. I was lucky to find it in just a couple of weeks of hunting, and the market was just right for me. I'll be getting packed up and tossing a lot of stuff I've been keeping for no good reason over the next couple of months, and finally getting moved in by mid-June.

Second, I had surgery to repair a torn tendon in my left ankle two weeks ago, which also involved fusing two bones in my foot so that the tendon tear won't occur again. A good thing in the long run, but in the short run really a pain. I'm in a non-weight-bearing cast for six weeks (four more to go), then a walking cast for six more weeks, followed by a soft removable boot for perhaps four more, plus - of course - physical therapy. This explains why my moving can't be complete until mid-June, and for my sailor friends, why you won't be seeing me around the yacht club or on the docks for a while.

But since I've got a lot of time on my hands, I'm back to writing some historical essays, doing some reading, and also posting on my community blog, "Messing about on boats..." at


Blogger Zen said...

Welcome back Professor!

We were just over at the Encinal YC this weekend with the I-36 group. We joined the club. Now hang out in your neck of the woods from time to time.

Take Care of yourself, C-ya on the water

8:34 PM  

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